Thursday, 11 July 2013

Chhatrashibir brings out rallies to welcome Ramadan

Stop oppressing Quran-loving people in this ‘Month of Quran’- Chhatrashibir

Leaders of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir said, “Today, in a month in which the Quran has been sent down, the Quran-loving fellows are behind bars. Attempts are being made to kill those who throughout their lifetime spread the message of the Quran across the country. The name of Allama Sayeedi is, among many, noteworthy. A farcical tribunal has already been set up to run a farcical trial in that regard. Hundreds of thousands of Jamaat-Shibir men are being attacked tortured and maltreated merely because they long for Quranic regime in this land. What a shame it is for a Muslim Majority country like Bangladesh!! We strongly urge the government to stop torturing these Quran-loving people in this very Month of Quran.”

The leaders urged the student segment to take the Month of Ramadan as a month of training and to utilize the teachings of this Month to establish Quranic regime and to combat the quarters hostile thereto.
Furthermore, the leaders urged the government to make restaurants shut down at daytime, obscenity disappear and dignity of Ramadan be upheld.
Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir launched rallies and held gatherings countrywide today welcoming the Month of Ramadan.

Videos Of Rallies Brought out By Shibir

         Chhatrashibir brings out rallies to welcome Ramadan in Rangpur 

Ramadan Rally by Islami Chatra Shibir #Chittagong 

Shibir Welcomes Ramadan 

Welcome Rally for Ramadan by Shibir Dhaka East

Welcome Rally For Ramadan by Shibir Dhaka South 

Khulna Shibir's Welcome Ramadan Rally 

Dhaka City West Brought Rally welcoming Ramadan 2013

Rally Brought out by Shibir, Dhaka City North, Welcoming Ramadan

Pictures Of Rallies Brought out By Shibir all over the country